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The people we are closest to are often our family. We may go off to work or school during the day, but when we come home in the evening, we return to our family. For this reason, family matters are near and dear to our hearts. When thorny issues pop up, when confusion or conflict arises, these moments can be sensitive and emotional.

In the Texas counties where our firm practices law, the courts always order mediation for divorce issues that are unresolved.

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Posted by Katharine 
February 14, 2017

Thomas knowledge of family law is far beyond his years of practice. He is extremely hardworking, detail oriented and passionate about the services he provides. He was helpful and attentive to all my legal questions. He was quick to respond to my inquiries and provided multiple options of solid advice and counsel. I highly recommend his services.

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How Family Law Helped These Grandparents 

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous 
April 27, 2016

We hired Mr. Little to assist us in guardianship of our two young grandchildren. They had been in our care for several months and we wanted additional protection so we could add them to our insurance and take care of their needs legally going forward. Mr. Little was very kind and listened to my concerns and needs and guided us to the best resolution for us, the grandchildren, and their parents. It was all handled in a very timely manner. If we have future needs we will be reaching out to Mr. Little. We appreciate everything he has done for our family.

What Does Family Have to Do with the Law?

Often people hear the word “law,” and they think of arrests, criminals and court trials. True, family law can protect family members against domestic violence. However, family law also exists for non-violent issues that are troublesome or puzzling. Legal avenues provide order and reason to overcome confusion. For example, family law sets the rules and provides a channel for divorce. Family law can help set parameters before marriage, so there are no muddy waters about things like property ownership or matters regarding children from a previous marriage.

Family law offers a means for adopting a child that protects the child being adopted along with adopting parents. Family law can also offer future peace of mind, by putting provisions in place for guardianship of children.

What Issues Can Family Law Help You With?

There are a number of matters that family law can help you resolve:

  • Property division in divorce. Divorce requires spouses to divide marital property.
  • High net worth divorce. Substantial wealth often involves complex challenges. We have access to financial experts and can help you resolve sophisticated divorce issues.
  • Family business in divorceA family business is often a marital asset, and we work with clients to help them arrive at the best decisions to deal with business divorce.
  • Alimony (spousal support)In many instances spousal support is temporary, until the spouse can become self-supportive.
  • Social media and electronic evidence in a divorce case. Today, most courts allow evidence gathered through social media and digital communication.
  • Child custody and support“In the best interest of the child” is the legal watchword for child custody and support matters.
  • Divorce mediationMany issues never have to reach the courtroom and can be resolved through divorce mediation.
  • Adopting a child. For many families, adoption is an exciting endeavor, and when done right, it can benefit everyone involved.
  • Military family law. Military divorces involve specific laws that relate to retirement benefits for spouses and other relief for military who are in active service.

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Family Law

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