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If your life were a book, divorce would be a new chapter, a crossroads. It would be the point where you turn down a different path. The transition can be emotional, financially stressful, and full of uncertainty because you may not know exactly where you are headed or what lifestyle awaits you. Or, it can be a new start on life.

At Little Family Law, we can help you find your way. We’ll talk about your legal options in a down-to-earth manner, explaining the process in plain English. We want you to understand the choices involved, so you can make the decisions that are right for you.

We handle a lot of divorce cases in our family law practice. In Denton and Collin Counties, cases that have contested issues must go through divorce mediation. The upside is that through mediation couples can often avoid the high costs of litigation because they are able to settle issues outside of court.

I am a trained mediator and work diligently to help you resolve the problems involved with your divorce. However, I have no problem taking a case to trial, if necessary, to do what is best for my client.

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One Consultation Lessened My Stress About Divorce

Posted by Katrina
February 10, 2017

Divorce is a stressful, difficult process. I hired Mr. Little to help me with my divorce and it gave me a lot comfort after just one consultation and lessened my stress surrounding the situation. I had a lot of questions and he was honest, upfront, and plain-spoken. The path seemed less intimidating and confusing with his counsel. I got more than I expected out of my divorce and am grateful for Mr. Little’s help. I would definitely recommend him to anyone searching for a family law attorney.

5 stars

Divorce case

5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
October 9, 2018

Mr Little did an excellent job on my case. He kept a great rapport throughout the entire process. He made everything as good as it could be. I would recommend he and his firm to anyone in need of a lawyer.

A Time of Decision


You will make life-changing decisions during divorce.

How to Dissolve Your Marriage

Texas has a no-fault divorce option, which means couples do not have to assign fault to one of the spouses in order to obtain a divorce. Texas also has fault-based divorce. In this type of divorce, you must prove divorce grounds exist based on: cruelty, adultery, abandonment, felony conviction or mental hospital confinement.

Parenting for Your Children

If you have minor children, you must make decisions about child custody, child support and visitation. Attorneys can often help you reach a settlement regarding these issues. However, if you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement, a judge will decide for you.

Property Division in Divorce

Some property is marital property, which means both of you own the property together. Property obtained during marriage is considered community  property in Texas. It includes income, investments, retirement plans, cars, real estate, life insurance and family businesses. Marital property must be divided. Separate property does not have to go through property division in divorce. Examples of separate property are property acquired as a gift, an inheritance or prior to marriage.

Alimony (Also Called Spousal Maintenance / Support)

Not all marriages involve alimony. However, whether or not to pursue alimony or contest the other spouse’s request for alimony is a decision you can make with your lawyer’s help.

Do You Have Questions about
Texas Divorce?

The following are some questions that often come up during divorce:

  • Who will have primary custody of the children?
  • Which spouse will pay child support?
  • Will there be temporary child support until the divorce is settled?
  • How do you work out custody arrangements until the divorce is final?
  • Who will get the family home or will it be sold?
  • Will assets and debts be divided equally or in some other way?
  • If a spouse does not work, will there be alimony (spousal support)?
  • How will you decide the value of your marital assets?
  • What kind of visitation arrangements would be best for the children?
  • How is a military divorce different than a civilian divorce?
  • If violence is an issue, how do restraining orders work?

Whatever your questions are, we are glad to answer them.

What Is Business Divorce?

A business divorce is a divorce where you own a business or have a family business that you and your spouse own together. In either instance, the business could be considered community  property. There are different ways to handle a business divorce. You can sell the business and divide the proceeds. You or your spouse can keep marital assets that are equal to the value of the business. If you’re in business with other partners, another option may be to have them buy your business. If a prenuptial or some other legal agreement was in place that established the business as separate property, the judge may agree that the business is not marital property.

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