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What Is Best for Your Children?

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Asking yourself “what is best for your child?” is the best guideline to have when dealing with child custody and child support. “The best interest of the child” is the standard that Texas family courts use in all divorce cases when making decisions about childcare. Besides, most parents want to put their kids first.

Studies show that in most situations, children who stay in contact with both parents fair better in life than children who don’t. For this reason, whenever possible, courts will award joint custody.

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Excellent Attorney for Divorce, Separation, Child custody and Child support!!!

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Posted by Jansi 
November 12, 2018

Thomas did an awesome job in representing me in the recent, painful, emotional divorce of 24.5 years of marriage which involved separation, divorce, child custody and child support. It was a ten month long, agonizing, difficult divorce process, due to the difficulties/complications involved, but Thomas made it so calm and peaceful for me and my children. 

Thomas put up a good, hard fight, so my ex-husband had to fire the first attorney, and had to get a second attorney. Throughout the entire difficult divorce process, Thomas was very supportive of me, even when I was overwhelmed, or when I did not know lot of answers for the case. 

Thomas is so easy to talk to and is a very good listener! Remember in any legal proceedings communication is key! Thomas and his paralegal assistant Sharron always communicated quickly, and did everything for me, in a timely manner, even while I was working without taking much time off from work. Sharron was great in preparing the necessary paperwork, and guiding me what to do per Thomas’s directions. 

Bottom line: If anyone needing a confident, efficient, strong, hard working, down to earth attorney, hire Thomas Edward Little! I highly recommend him for women or men alike. He will represent you well, and get the job done right for you! Thank you so very much Thomas, for helping me with this difficult divorce!! You made me STRONG, and CONFIDENT!!! Thank you!!! 

Your Firm is great, with down to earth friendly staff, love Ms. Linda, so caring and made me feel at home every time I visited your office. From the start I had great confidence in you and your firm! I am also thankful to my colleague who recommended your firm to me.

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Child support 

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Posted by anonymous 
November 6, 2018

Thomas represented me in my child support case and did a great job. He was very understanding, he always answered all my questions, he wants to make sure your happy with the outcome. I would recommend him to any one who needs an attorney.

Custody Cases

What Factors Are Important in a Custody Case?

Judges weigh many factors before arriving at custody decisions. Factors include: which parent has the child’s best interest in mind and which parent has the ability to provide a stable environment or an environment that is safe and free of violence or substance abuse. Judges also consider which parent would most encourage the child to have a good relationship with the other parent.

Unfortunately, divorce sometimes leads to anger or resentment, which can be harmful for children. When one parent tries to pit the child against the other parent, it can be very damaging for the child. It is vital to keep emotions in check and make the divorce transition as positive as possible for your children.

As your legal counsel, I will ask you whether the child custody and support arrangements are putting your child first. I know that if your decisions are adhering to this standard, you have the best chances of receiving rulings in your favor. Standards that are based on the wellbeing of your child are the standards Texas courts use and also what we use in our practice.

Child Custody


Child Support

What to Expect?

Child Custody and Visitation

The most common types of custody arrangements are joint custody and sole custody. Joint custody could mean that the child has a primary residence and visitation with the other parent, but it could also mean that the child has two residences and parenting time is divided equally.  In Texas, the majority of parents share joint custody after divorce.

In many cases, both parents reach a settlement on child custody and support outside of court.

Child Support

In Texas, child support payments are based on the parents’ net incomes. It is wise to have a lawyer help you negotiate child support payments. You will be making decisions such as which parent will pay support and how medical insurance will be covered. Some factors that often complicate calculations can include unemployment, a privately owned business, earning wages off of investments or low incomes.

Modification and Enforcement

When life situations change, modification of child custody or support may be necessary. Also, in the event that a parent is not complying with custody or support orders, an attorney can take actions to have the court enforce existing orders.

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